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Following the science until she didn’t – Rochelle Walensky and revised Omicron Covid-19 guidelines
Sarah W. Mellen

Pivoting in the Tourism Sector: COVID-19
Rebecca Wilson-Mah & Kathy MacRae

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A Piece of Cake or Half Baked?
Audra Quinn, Kylie Heales & Lauran Fuller

Lauran Fuller, founder of Caked Up! LLC, realizes that after several years of running her local bakery business without taking a consistent salary, she needs to make a decision about how to proceed with the business. Having expanded the business from a home-based side project to a Main St. storefront operating 50 hours/week, she faces the same challenges that many entrepreneurs face: the need to pay herself an appropriate salary while also trying to grow the business, pay off financial liabilities to existing loans, and to balance familial, professional, and personal motivations. She must decide whether to continue, dissolve or sell the business…

The Zoo at North River Veterinary: The Second Generation
Sarah Holtzen et al

Following in her father’s footsteps, Dr. Pat was the owner and head veterinarian at North River Veterinary Hospital. Recently, the hospital had begun to look more like a zoo. Surgeries were being overbooked, patients with appointments were left waiting, and confusion seemed to be around every corner. Though Dr. Pat had commissioned the building of a new hospital in 1993, she wondered if she had given enough thought to the organization’s operational structure. How could she better organize her staff and work processes to address the confusion?

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Responding to Covid-19

Maple Leaf Adventures offered small ship cruises and multi-day excursions in Canada’s spectacular coastal locations on the west coast of British Columbia. On April 8, Kevin Smith reflected on the seismic change that had occurred over the space of 4 weeks and the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Smith needed a completely new plan for his business.

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