Just published: a new concise case to engage students with stakeholder analysis, following the story of Aldous Sperl, Chief of Staff at a newly-elected party in Canada. 


Just published: aimed at accounting classes, this new concise case considers the challenges of a nonprofit redesigning their entire finances according to accounting principles. 


Just published!: a new concise case considering Leah’s ambition to launch a new community space for creatives. A fantastic case for business management and entrepreneurship undergraduate classes.


Recently published: a welcome return for IJIC author Patrik T. Hultberg with a new concise case, Soybean Farmers and Tariffs. An adaptable case that can be taught to economics and business students.


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The International Journal of Instructional Cases (IJIC) is a double-blind, peer-reviewed, electronic publication with ongoing release of instructional cases and related materials for use in classroom and boardroom settings.

IJIC only publishes concise teaching cases with expanded teaching notes. The cases are short (four pages or fewer) but the teaching notes are extensive, providing rich instructional assistance.


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New tourism & hospitality case just published!

Set at the Peak Hotel, the case is for undergraduate and graduate students who are exploring entrepreneurship, family business and business succession

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