How IJIC works with data partners

At IJIC, we work with a few partners to store and manage the personal information that you give to us. These partners and their services allow us to contact you about IJIC business, to let you purchase our cases, to submit cases to the journal for review, and to ask for your feedback about us.

The partners with whom we work are experienced data organizations. We ensure that they can confirm that their services meet the latest legislation so that when we use them to manage your information, we are confident that it is secure.

You can find out more about IJIC's Privacy Policy on our website.

If you have any queries about IJIC's data protection policies, please don’t hesitate to contact Rob Edwards, Publisher at

Below, you can see how your data is stored and managed with the help of our partners.


Partner What it does What we use it for What data we store How long we store your data


Database mailings To store your data so we can send you IJIC emails


Contact details; groups you have joined Until you tell us to remove it


Financial processing To process payments for cases Contact details; what you have bought (we do not store your payment information)


Until you tell us to remove it
Survey Monkey


Market research To build surveys that we invite you to complete


Contact details; responses received Until you tell us to remove it


Website hosting To host and update the IJIC website; to enable you to sign in to the website


Contact details; usernames (not passwords)


Until you tell us to remove it


If you have any concerns about the way that IJIC handles your personal data, please contact our data protection representative Rob Edwards at

You can also contact the Information Commissioner’s Office at