Case Download – Strategic Leadership in the Entrepreneurial Firm – Lululemon


The case will be used to enable students to understand the nature of industry change and strategic leadership in an entrepreneurial growth company. The case provides students with an opportunity to critically examine the importance of change in organisations. Within the case, students will then critically examine the role and importance of strategic leadership.



Successful growth from small entrepreneurial business to large corporate scale has seen Lululemon group continue to be a lead innovator in the international apparel business. The group’s growth centres on deep relationships with primarily women customers, a unique organisational culture and a brand image facilitating premium pricing. In recent times the group faced challenges entering international markets, developing markets based on male customers and balancing organisational flexibility with formal structures required by a large scale corporate firm, notably in the management of stock exchange relationships. The development of strategic leadership has been a challenge for the firm since inception, with the challenges of managing the transition from entrepreneurial firm to corporate firm stretching executive capabilities. The case centres on the appointment of a new c.e.o., Laurent Potdevin, who brings a wealth of corporate experience to Lululemon, and questions if his strategic leadership can realise ambitions in international and new markets.

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