Creative Community Space

Author: Miranda Lam, PhD & Robert “Ripp” Daniell, PhD
Publisher: International Journal of Instructional Cases


IJIC, Volume 4 (2020)


An entrepreneur has decided to open a shared artist space in coastal New England. She faces multiple decisions and barriers involving location, business efficacy, and financing. The case ends with the purchase of a property and the start of the venture.


Business structure, risk, control, social entrepreneurship, social venture, shared economy, financing decision

Target Audience and Usage

This case was prepared to be a simple business model analysis exercise in an introductory level undergraduate introduction to business course or entrepreneurship course. This case can be implemented after ‘forms of business ownership’ and ‘organizational structure’ have been introduced. This case is also appropriate to serve as a review of risk management, feasibility studies, as well as entrepreneurship in intermediate and upper-level courses.

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