The Local Wild Food Challenge: Translating a Chef’s Passion for Wild Food into a Sustainable Event

Author: Ingrid Kajzer Mitchell, Rebecca Wilson-Mah, Christine Van Winkle
Publisher: International Journal of Instructional Cases


IJIC, Volume 6 (2022)


Chef Bill Manson had created a small community event, the Local Wild Food Challenge in 2008 in Eastbourne, New Zealand. The event had since become a network of communities holding yearly events in different countries celebrating the culinary skills of local people. With expansion Manson recognized that he needed to give more consideration to community event planning and organization, while also staying true to his commitment to inclusivity and promoting sustainability of local resources.


Event management, festivals, community-event planning, co-creation, tourism, sustainability

Target Audience and Usage

This case is suitable for tourism, hospitality, event, and recreation students at both the senior undergraduate level and graduate level. The case covers issues and practices related to special events such as festivals and community events, event planning and event marketing. Other teaching applications may include using the case for a take home exam or a group case analysis project. In addition, any target audience with an interest in community festivals and events and niche culinary or food and beverage experiences should find the case particularly engaging.

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