The Peak Hotel

Author: Anita Zehrer, Gabriele Leiß, Charles Krusekopf & Rebecca Wilson-Mah
Publisher: International Journal of Instructional Cases


IJIC, Volume 4 (2020)


A family-run four-star hotel in the Austrian Alps has challenges with regard to family firm succession. The family firm is currently in its second generation, and the owners, Perry and Patricia, want to develop a plan to hand the business to the next generation. The entrepreneurial family is dealing with change and transformation processes among the family members. This case supports entrepreneurship and family business students at both undergraduate level and graduate level to consider options and issues in the succession planning of family firms. This case may be taught as an example of intra-family firm succession in a family business management, business strategy or entrepreneurship course.


Succession planning, hospitality, hotel, tourism, family business

Target Audience and Usage

The case is for undergraduate and graduate students who are exploring entrepreneurship, family business and business succession. Students will consider how successors and predecessors communicate during the succession process and which ways they use to solve intergenerational communication conflicts and misunderstandings. The case provides the opportunity to identify and discuss options with regard to the succession plan, but also identify and evaluate potential succession planning strategies for the family firm.

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