Online Reputation Management: A Shark Tale from Instagram

Author: Bridget Kurtenbach & Jane Strong
Publisher: International Journal of Instructional Cases


IJIC, Volume 6 (2022)


Patrick Scott, an impetuous college student, caught a live shark with his bare hands while his friend recorded the feat. He decided to post the video of his antics on his personal Instagram account to impress friends and followers. In the digital age, content spread quickly through the power of social networking. Scott’s shark video went viral within a day and received mixed reactions. He worried that the video would be perceived negatively by potential employers.


Social media, cybervetting, online reputation management, personal branding, online reputation repair

Target Audience and Usage

This case would be appropriate for multiple levels including high school and undergraduate students. The teaching notes have been written for undergraduate business students in courses that emphasize career and leadership development. The case allows for discussions surrounding online reputation management, personal branding, career planning, and social media networking. 

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