The Young Entrepreneur Council

Author: Laurie L. Levesque & Sarina Cerulli
Publisher: International Journal of Instructional Cases


IJIC, Volume 4 (2020)


Scott Gerber cofounded Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) to create a community of people who could fill a knowledge deficit for himself and others. Students examine the formation and success of the YEC and affiliated organizations as ‘communities of practice’ (CoP). Optional career-focused assignments and activities let students apply the concept of communities of practice to gaps created when college coursework and workplace training don’t provide all the tacit knowledge needed to excel in the job.


Communities of practice; learning; knowledge sharing; careers; entrepreneurship; classroom exercise

Target Audience and Usage

This case is aimed towards undergraduate and graduate students who will benefit from understanding how CoPs relate to their own professional learning and career management. It can be paired with units on learning organizations, knowledge or career management, entrepreneurship, and employee development.

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