IJIC Specialist Track: Africa-focused cases

Associate Editors: Professor Lyal White & Liezl Rees

The International Journal of Instructional Cases is now welcoming concise teaching cases with an African context. The new IJIC specialist track is edited by Professor Lyal White & Liezl Rees of the Johannesburg Business School at the University of Johannesburg.

With a population of 1.3 billion people, that is expected to double by 2050, Africa’s demographic and economic trends offers great promise. But uncertainty and developmental challenges prevail. The lack of information, insight and hard data has stifled progress and hampered the burgeoning potential that has come to define the African narrative over the past 15 years. The African context and key actors – the leaders, entrepreneurs and African firms – are still relatively unknown. 

The business context, culture and approach needs to be better understood and discussed for sustainable investment and operational prospects. This is essential now more than ever as business assumes a crucial role as an agent of progress, as Africa enters a new era of digitisation and integration across the continent and with global value chains.

The new track builds upon the journal’s growing collection of shorter cases, and welcomes cases that focus on protagonists from entrepreneurial ventures, small businesses, and family businesses within an African setting.

Concise cases that focus on Africa are now welcomed for review. Please see the IJIC Submission Guidelines for more information.

To contact the Associate Editors, please email the IJIC editorial office in the first instance.