IJIC Specialist Track: Tourism & Hospitality

Rebecca Wilson-Mah
Rebecca Wilson-Mah

Associate Editor: Rebecca Wilson-Mah

The World Tourism Organization highlights the tourism and hospitality sector as one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. Contributing in developed and developing countries this diverse sector is made up of large corporations, small businesses, entrepreneurs and also the public and nonprofit sectors. Social media (TripAdvisor, Instagram, Yelp) and the gig economy (AirBnB, Uber) are all innovators that identified an opportunity inspired by the tourism experience.

What does this mean for case writers? Well, there are so many different opportunities for cases! Our students benefit from real world cases that offer a diverse perspective on this complex and dynamic industry.

I look forward to working with case writers to create a robust track for tourism and hospitality. Please connect!

Concise cases that look at tourism & hospitality are now welcomed for review. Please see the IJIC Submission Guidelines for more information.

To contact Rebecca, please email the IJIC office in the first instance.