IJIC Specialist Track: Project Management, Business Analytics, Operations Management, and Supply Chain Management

Susan WilliamsAssociate Editor: Susan K. Williams, Ph.D.

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We are soliciting cases related to project management, business analytics, operations management, and supply chain management.

Increasingly, significant work accomplished by organizations is completed in the form of a project. Whiles processes “keep the lights on”, projects move the organization forward – new products, new markets, process improvements, and so on. Students are likely to be a part of a project team multiple times during their career.

We are soliciting concise cases for all aspects of project management and the entire project life cycle. Authors are encouraged to use the terminology and framework of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and connect their case learning outcomes to the Project Management Institute’s project management curriculum.

A Google search on “business analytics” produced 1.63 trillion results. No doubt a hot topic currently, we believe business analytics is and will continue to be an essential toolkit for all business students. Even though business analytics pulls from many disciplines such as management science, statistics, and computer science, there is a need for concise cases with the perspective of the data-driven decision making.

We are soliciting cases for business analytics that focus on data-driven decision making. Topics related to any aspect of the data-driven decision-making supply chain from data collection for decision making to decision modeling to communicating analysis results will be considered. Authors are encouraged to submit cases in areas such as but not limited to descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics. Cases that incorporate skills needed to support data-driven decision making, such as visualization and data mining, are also welcomed.

We are also soliciting cases in operations management and supply chain management. Concise cases that require little student preparation and present interesting pedagogical techniques in the expanded teaching note would contribute to instructors’ options for class time.

Please see the IJIC Submission Guidelines for more information.

To contact Dr Griffith, please email the IJIC office in the first instance.